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Postby Foopzheart » 19 Nov 2017, 00:39

I'm sure you all remember a post from a while ago asking you to create art for the site sidebars, showing your work off and sprucing up the forum to make it feel a bit more home-y and community-y, right? It was in March. You know,


this one?

Well, good news! Now it's a contest. Submit YOUR art now and win not only your place on the site's figurative fridge door, but also 100 fr00k$! I know, it's probably not that much for some of you scavengers out there, but it's still fun! (there are also prizes for second and third place so don't feel discouraged if you see something EXTRA cool posted up)

So, just to make it super duper clear:

  • The topic of the contest is HOLIDAYS (So Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule, New Year's, or even just a general festive winter theme!)
  • This must consist of ORIGINAL CONTENT and be created by YOU AND YOU ALONE to earn the entirety of the Fr00k$ prize. In the event of a co-operative creation, the prize will be split
  • You will submit Christmas-themed art to THIS thread RIGHT HERE
  • THREE submissions will be chosen and given prizes and a temporary feature as the site's background art!
  • Third place will win 25 Fr00k$ and a WEEKEND FEATURE (4 days starting on December 1st)
  • Second place will win 50 Fr00k$ and a WEEK-LONG feature (7 days starting on December 5th)
  • FIRST place will win 100 Fr00k$ and will feature until the end of the Holiday season (From December 13th to January 2nd)

So go right ahead! It doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to have passion! It can be beautiful or heartwarming or funny or even offensive (ok maybe not that), just as long as it's yours!

Also, just keep in mind, the picture should be about the size of the current background picture (I'll grab these dimensions and add them to the thread later if any of you are unable to determine them), but only the sides and parts of the top will be visible! That's what counts. Good luck, and happy holidays!
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Postby Pedobear » 23 Nov 2017, 18:58

(insert image here)
Magikarp used Splash!
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