FrookCraft 2.0

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Which version of MC should I host?

Bedrock (cross platform)
Java (PC only)
Total votes: 9

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FrookCraft 2.0

Postby Excalibur » 09 Mar 2020, 18:02

Who is down for frookcraft 2.0?
I need to know so I pick the right server size.

Also tell me which version of Minecraft to run?

  • cross platform (xbox, windows, android, Nintendo switch)
  • less mods

  • PC only
  • complete control, mods, texture packs, etc...
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Re: FrookCraft 2.0

Postby BluesDotEXE » 09 Mar 2020, 18:35

Dark Ace here. I'm down for some FrookCraft.
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Re: FrookCraft 2.0

Postby Blood Knight » 17 Mar 2020, 18:50

I'd be down.
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Re: FrookCraft 2.0

Postby Angel » 28 Jun 2020, 05:47

Yes, hi... Obviously I wouldn't be around much, but I vote PC simply because that's how most of us have/had come to play "back in the day".
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Re: FrookCraft 2.0

Postby Sugilite-Rocks » 09 Aug 2020, 22:17

havent been here in a few years but i sure do love minecraft

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Re: FrookCraft 2.0

Postby Wasabi » 10 Aug 2020, 04:07

I really enjoyed frookcraft when it first started and spent tons of time building my first big project. I was so sad when it shut down the first time, but I'll gladly play more if this becomes a thing.
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