Cyber Rider Evaluation!!

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Cyber Rider Evaluation!!

Postby The Zodiac Killer » 11 Nov 2010, 13:29

This game on FWG Called "Cyber Rider" was given a time evaluation by me. here it is:

Regular Bike lengthened Bike
1. 00:25sec 1. 00:22sec
2. 00:24sec 2. 00:28sec
3. 00:20sec 3. 00:21sec
4. 00:22sec 4. 00:22sec
5. 00:23sec 5. 00:36sec
6. 00:12sec 6. 00:13sec
7. 00:08sec 7. 00:10sec
8. 00:10sec 8. 00:12sec
9. 00:10sec 9. 00:11sec
10. 00:10sec 10. 00:11sec
11. 00:23 sec 11. 00:28sec
12. 00:29sec 12. 00:22sec
13. 00:27sec 13. 00:24sec
14. 00:20sec 14. 00:23sec
15. 00:20sec 15. 00:25sec
TOTAL:2:83 TOTAL:3:08
This evaluation was based on time and a scenario with no crashing, which i performed over a period of 10 Minute(s). The difference within the times were 25 second(s).
The average time for the regular bike is 18.86sec. The average for the Lengthened bike is 20.5sec.
This evaluation was performed by The Zodiac Killer.
Need any more done? Contact me at
Have a great day :)
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