Metroid: Other M

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Metroid: Other M

Postby Shadowstar1922 » 10 Jun 2012, 02:03 ... re=related
(i know it's 2 hours long. If you're inerested, watch it a little bit at a time, and the youtube button wasn't working, i dunno why. )

This is my favorite game of all time. I love this game so much. To any non Metroid fans, this game takes place after Super Metroid. In Super Metroid at the end, Samus, the bounty hunter defeats Mother Brain at the cost of a baby metroid's life. the planet Zebes is destroyed, all the Metroids were killed, along with Mother Brain, and the Space Pirates (with Samus leaving the planet of course). Time has passed since Zebes was destroyed, and Samus intercepts a distress signal to the BOTTLE SHIP where she finds out an interesting secret that the Galactic Federation was doing, called Project M. Watch duh movie to find out about the game.

Now, the way this movie is made, is during the game, there were scenes where you don't play the game, and it looks like a movie scene It's almost like a movie. Now, these scenes happen frequently during the game, and once you beat the game, all scenes are pieced together to form a 2 hour movie that sums up the game.

Now, all the enemies in this game that Samus fought were all killed by her on the planet Zebes. All remains of them were destroyed when Zebes was blown up after the explosion Mother Brain caused when it died. What happened, was that the remains of each enemy, including Mother Brain and the Metroids fell on Samus' suit when they exploded after being killed. When Samus returned home, Galactic Federation scientists took the samples off of her suit, recovered as much as they could, and stored it. Samus didn't know this until the explanation on how all the life forms from Planet Zebes were re made. She didn't know it because she had taken a nap when she got back, and that's when they did it. When a group of Galactic Federation scientists and the GFA(Galactic Federation Army) went behind the GF Chairman to use these samples to construct bioweapons, the group remade all of Samus' defeated enemies in the BOTTLE SHIP. then it all went crazy when the artificial Intellegence of Mother Brain went crazy.

It's very interesting to watch, and I love it.

Some great parts, are these times for those who don't wanna see all of it! XD
0:55:50 (When Ridley, a long time rival of Samus comes back)
1:05:05 (First appearence of Mother Brain the artificial intellegence. Explains the beginning of Project Metroid, or Project M)
1:20:00 (an explanation of the game from Adam, and Adam's death)
2:07:40 (Samus going back to the BOTTLE SHIP, and finding Adam's helmet, remembering him. Saddest part of the game)
1:39:30 (Madeline Bergman explains Project Metroid, or Project M)

Hope you enjoy it! :D

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Re: Metroid: Other M

Postby Percyception » 01 Mar 2015, 06:22

Other M is a masterpiece. I don't understand why it gets so much hate.
twenty one pilots is so dumb. there isn't even 21 of them

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