Loaded Metal

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Dr Frook
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Loaded Metal

Postby Dr Frook » 16 Sep 2009, 05:12


Tanks, Hundreds of stickmen, and all you have at your disposal is a jeep and an arsenal of sick weapons and upgrades. This may get bumpy.

what do you think?

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Re: Loaded Metal

Postby Zados » 16 Sep 2009, 08:51

nice little game for short time action although its a bit to easy no matter wich difficulty i choose
R.I.P. Dad ... you'll never be forgotten!

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FWG Assassin
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Re: Loaded Metal

Postby NETSKYvirus » 17 Sep 2009, 01:22

it is the best game!
it is just like demonic defence 4 :mrgreen:

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