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Games we play

Postby TheKingsHills » 17 Jun 2015, 03:03

So, scrolling through this subforum I found an old topic I had once made asking aboot what PC games we played.

I've decided to recreate this thread and expanding a bit more rather than necro-ing a post from 3 years ago.

What games have you been recently been playing? This is for any console/system out there.

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Re: Games we play

Postby Foopzheart » 19 Jun 2015, 08:22

This month/last month, a whooole lot of Civ. Like, hours on hours. Recently, been getting back into Terraria, played a bit of Fez, started Path of Exile, Left 4 Dead 2, replaying Portal, replaying Fallout: New Vegas, Dino D-Day, Counter-Strike: Source a bit, Gmod a bit, Clicker Heroes.
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