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Videogame Mods Thread

Posted: 13 Feb 2016, 22:25
by Rainshard
A thread to share neat mods you find on the internet.

For Star Wars Battlefront 2 the Tatooine at War mod merges the two seperate Tatooine maps (Jabba's Palace and Mos Eisley) and connects them with a massive battlefield. You can enter ships and use them on the battlefield, either against the infantry on the ground but you can also fly up and attack the ships in the sky or in space if you go high enough. It adds two new gamemodes, some different character skins and has a lot of cool locations like the Skywalker homestead and a Tuskan camp. Really cool mod in my opinion.

Re: Videogame Mods Thread

Posted: 14 Feb 2016, 22:50
by Zia-

single handedly one of the best mods for Skyrim, i mean how could you not want Thomas the tank engine in your game, and before you go and say "oh thats unrealistic and ruins the immersion of skyrim." WRONG, skyrim ruins the immersion of Thomas the tank engine