More than 1000 Russian athletes doping

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More than 1000 Russian athletes doping

Postby Dr Frook » 09 Dec 2016, 19:20

Yep, its official, though Russia will always deny it, they have the best institutional doping system in the world. Congrats to all the cheaters, they must feel great about winning with all those delicious drugs inside.

A new report has detailed damning evidence that shows over 1,000 Russian athletes across over 30 sports were involved or benefited from state-sanctioned doping between 2011 and 2015.

The athletes include competitors at the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics and the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014.

While handing down his WADA-sanctioned report in London, Professor Richard McLaren said he had uncovered unprecedented corruption within elite sport.

"The Russian Olympic team corrupted the London Olympics on an unprecedented scale," he said, while admitting that the scale of that systematic cheating may never be fully known.

"The picture is clear, but it is not complete," he said.

"We've only had access to a small fraction of the evidence possible to examine."

Russia's road to ruin

Russian sport has been brought to the brink by a series of damaging doping revelations. Look back at how it all happened.

Professor McLaren described the Russian doping program as "a cover-up that evolved over the years from uncontrolled chaos to an institutionalised and disciplined medal-winning strategy and conspiracy".

Russia won 72 medals at the London Games, including 21 golds.

"The Russian team corrupted the London Games on an unprecedented scale, the extent of which will probably never be established," Professor McLaren said.

"For years international sports competitions have unknowingly been hijacked by the Russians. Coaches and athletes have been playing on an uneven field."

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