This is suspicious: Charlottesville

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This is suspicious: Charlottesville

Postby DriveThru Whale » 14 Aug 2017, 07:22

If you have been living under a rock until now, or have not otherwise been informed, last Caturday at Charlottesville, Virginia, a rally was held by a conservative group to protest the removal of a statue of notable Confederate General Robert E. Lee. The protest was given a legal permit days earlier, which had been revoked, prompting a successful appeal in federal court to proceed as planned. The assembled protesters were then countered by Antifa counterprotestors, who had not been given such permit to peaceably assemble. Furthermore, more counterprotesters had blended in with the crowd disguised as more extreme right wing groups, using confederate and national socialist flags and other symbols. The police had failed to protect the conservative groups, allowing the two groups to clash, which resulted in violence and rioting. The governor of Virginia then declared martial law, prompting the protesters to disperse, saying their right to assemble had been provoked. The Antifa groups then scattered further into the city, destroying public property, and caused a bystander to drive his car into a crowd, injuring many and killing one.

This is where the narrative gets fishy.

If you will see here, there is a person interviewed by NBC, one Brennan Gilmore, who had served in the State Department under the Obama administration. He isn't just a State Department asset, he was also former Chief of Staff for Tom Periello, a failed gubernatorial candidate (this means running for governor) who had recieved a $385,000 donation from one George Soros. And if one would look up the date, you would also find that it was his birthday that day. Coincidence, huh?

The car was registered to one James Fields, the name of the driver who was arrested in connection with the murder. HOWEVER, the Challenger seen crashed at the scene of the crime had no sunroof, whereas the car Mr. Fields did own was supposed to come with a sunroof. Also, there was no airbag deployment, despite the vehicle being crashed at 30 Mph, well above the minimum speed required to trigger the deployment of said airbags. Now consider that in the footage, the license plate reads GVF1111. When Mr. Fields' mother was interviewed about the incident, they took her interview in the garage, where a Hyundai has a license plate that reads GVF1122. Strange to have a similar enough license plate, right?

This whole thing seems suspicious to me, as if there were other forces in play.
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Re: This is suspicious: Charlottesville

Postby Dr Frook » 15 Aug 2017, 03:27


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