Victoria II

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Victoria II

Postby Flobalob » 16 Aug 2016, 15:40

so Shad is back and i remembered he played Vicky 2 and then i realised so does Rain so yes this is a thread for it post your stuff and stuff

i formed germany as luxembourg, here's a link to the Imgur album with a full AAR (so-far), i might do another one where i don't form germany and just see where i can take luxembourg

i also did another game as germany where i basically tried to see how much border-gore i could get. i had well over 1500 infamy at the end of the game

if you're pretty into it you should also check out the subreddit for it and the forum
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Re: Victoria II

Postby Shadowstar1922 » 16 Aug 2016, 15:44

Once I get a PC I am going to do so many updates as possible. Next time I get my bros laptop Ill do casual posts of empires i have created.

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